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Create A Retail Ready Sharpening Service with the USA Sharp Auto-Ship Kit

Tired of Delivering Knives, Scissors & Blades?

Creating a state of the art sharpening business is easier than ever, by automating your service with the world’s first retail ready Auto-Ship kit. USA Sharp’s Auto Ship kit is designed specifically for the transportation of sharp blades. Our patented system teaches you how to make your sharpening business retail ready. Our kits make your service ready to go for sales, in stores and online.

Accommodate your customers with the fastest, most reliable and safest methods of transportation to increase customers and profits. USA Sharp’s system is eco-friendly, recyclable and reusable resulting in automated recurring business ideal for servicing your home costumers and commercial businesses without ever having to make a delivery again.

Get started in time for the 2014 Holiday Season!

The USA Sharp Auto-Ship kit connects all the dots when servicing home and professional chefs, restaurants, grooming salons, hair salons and machinists nationwide.

USA Sharp’s process is ideal for today’s sharpening entrepreneurs.

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