How long will it take to have my knives sharpened?

The actual sharpening is less than a 24 hour turnaround. USA Sharp prepays each and every delivery through USPS priority mail. The soonest you will have your knives back will be 3 days and the most would be 5 days (if your are on the located on the West coast since our current facility is located on the East coast).

Are my knives insured?

Yes, every kit is insured to $250.00. More insurance can be added on an as needed basis.

How will I know where my knives are?

Upon completion of sharpening of your knives and obtaining your contact information completed on the information card provided in your kit, a USPS confirmation email will be sent to you with detailed tracking information.

Can I have my knives sent to another address?

Yes, USA Sharp will ship your sharpened knives to the address provided on the completed information card provided in your kit.

Can I reuse the USA Sharp kit?

Yes, each kit is designed for multiple uses and can be Re-Activated by ordering from the Sharpen Again button.

Please print out and adhere this label to any knife and USA Sharp with donate it to your local soup kitchen on your behalf.