The Inside Edge

Welcome! I’m Maureen Maganzini.

My goal is to add more sharpness to your kitchen than you ever imagined by providing you a razor sharp knife service that you can immediately use to prepare food in your kitchen.


USA Sharp the only branded nationwide knife sharpening service that makes your life easier when cooking for your family, friends or customers.

Let’s go a bit further, let’s redefine sharp, because the most prepared chefs in the kitchen go beyond food processors and egg beaters.

Sharp means means unlocking your culinary aptitude, nourishing your sanity at the cutting board and using your unique slicing and dicing skills to improve efficiency in your kitchen.

I have said my entire life that bringing my families’ tradition of knife sharpening to the at home and professional chefs would be my dream. My dream has come true!

That’s because I come from a long line of self made entrepreneurs with ambition running through my veins.

I am an all-American, daughter of a Knife Sharper, Niece of a Post Man, Wife of a Techie, Soccer and Baseball Mom, successful business entrepreneur and Professional Spokesperson launching the most convenient, affordable knife sharpening service across the nation.

A born-n-raised Bostonian with a tremendous amount of passion about cutlery care, food preparation and recycling… Re – Sharpening the knives we already have for as many people as possible, I have created USA Sharp’s first prepaid and permitted USPS priority knife mailing kit for knives from scratch. Foodies across the country can easily have their knives sharpenend in a less than 24-hour turnaround.

Over 100 Years of Experience!

The mission of USA SHARP is to provide the highest quality knife sharpening to our customers in the servicing of their knives.

We are professional knife sharpeners, committed to being leaders in the knife sharpening industry.

Additionally, we help reduce the carbon footprint by automating a door to door knife sharpening delivery system.

For over 100 years, the most elite chefs have entrusted our professionally trained master craftsmen with their knives, both personal and professional, to be expertly sharpened. While numerous hardware stores and kitchen shops may offer a sharpening service, the work is generally done on small table top gadgets and machines, with little or no differentiation among all the various knives and their unique requirements.

USA Sharp inspects each and every knife. After every individual inspection a sharpening method is determined to give the knife it’s finest edge by hand.

Not only can USA Sharp sharpen each and every knife we can fix most knives that have been improperly sharpened elsewhere. We also can recondition most blades that are chipped, bent, or have broken tips.

High quality sharpening is as much of an art, as it is skill. At USA Sharp we take pride in the work we do and never take for granted the trust you have placed in us to perform up to your expectations.