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Sharpening Knives

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The Benefits of having your knives professionally sharpened.

  • We restore your knives back to their "New" factory edges!
  • No need for time consuming laborious sharpening with small inappropriate stones and gadgets that can scratch or even damage your knives.
  • Sharp knives increase productivity and efficiency in the kitchen.
  • With the convenience of our Automatic delivery, there is no need for you to leave your your home.
  • A sharp knife cuts smoothly and cleanly without necessary force, reducing chance of injury.

Here's how it works:

  • Insert knives into knife sleeves and secure kit.
  • Place in any USPS Mail box.
  • Knives return professionally sharpened.

As Seen on The Today Show Foodie Favorite Gift idea!


Unlimited Knife Sharpening
For the Home:

Never a Dull moment by signing up with USA Sharp's a knife for life service!

USA Sharp will sharpen your kitchens knives by providing you with the 4 pack transportation kit. At your convenience simply pack up to 4 knives at a time and put in any USPS mailbox and receive you knives like new again as often as you like throughout the year.


This was extremely fast and easy. Bought the box, everything I needed for shipping was inside of it. Threw my dull knives in, threw it in the mail and got it back a few days later with my knives Super Sharp! Plus, you can reuse the box to send more knives. Good deal. Nothing like it!


Her knives were always dull and USA Sharp did a good job sharpening them. The real reason I gave them 5 stars is that this is a very well thought out item. It includes postage both ways and the box to ship the knives in. This was the only on line company that I found that offered full service.


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